One Saturday afternoon I was chilling out, listening to one of my favourite bands when an image came to my head. I took a paper and a pen and draw it and then posted it on Instagram. A good friend, who is an artist whose work I admire very much, said it was a beautiful piece. These words started my wish to keep going into this. When I was a little girl I’ve spent lots of hours between papers and colored pencils and pens, but life become tough and slowly I’ve abandoned this habit almost completely. I graduated in architecture and focused my work in interior and graphic design. Now the drawings were more technical, but my creativity kept excited because of the segment I chose to work in. Happily I’ve rediscovered the pleasure of artistic drawing, mixing techniques like watercolor, collage and digital media. The thing is: it’s never too late to start anything you want to do, even if it means to do it all over again.


So, hope you enjoy it because I do it with all my heart!




Ana P.